About Pacific Crest Marketing

Pacific Crest provides a critical fresh perspective to senior executives who are under constant pressure to build the business.


...see things that our clients may overlook because of deadline pressures.

…hear things they may dismiss, miss or misinterpret because they are so close to the issues.

…say things they may not be able to say because of internal politics.

Together we...

...increase revenue by defining and clearly communicating value delivered.

...save time and money by avoiding costly sales and marketing mistakes.

...maximize competitive advantage by leveraging customer insights.

Whether it’s for one of our Fortune 500 clients or a start up, a positioning challenge or an internal alignment issue, we lower the risk in strategic sales and marketing decisions.

Whether it’s for one of our overseas innovators or a VC here at home, evaluating the viability of a concept or trying to raise a round of funding, we improve the odds for success.