Tools of Our Trade

The Strategy Compass TM and the Biz Dev Obstacle Audit TM provide our clients with the tools and techniques to build their business.


Strategy Compass TM

Biz Dev Obstacle Audit TM

 Navigation for New Business
Tools, Techniques & Exercises            

Step 1: Determine Challenges, Problems and Internal Alignments

Resource Needs Assessment TM

CEO Gut Check™

Bridges & Barriers TM

S.W.O.T. Analysis Part 1 (Internal)

Step 2: Define, Segment and Size Target Audience

Target Audience Diagnostic

Media Plan Analysis

Step 3: Analyze Competitive Set, Differentiation and Positioning

Bridges & Barriers TM

S.W.O.T. Analysis Part 2 (External)

Step 4: Probe the Voice of the Customer and the Prospect

Senior Executive Interviews

Focus Groups

Video AdvantageSM

Customer Advisory Boards

Fast Track Facilitator TrainingSM

Step 5: Diagnose Key Rational and Emotional Decision Drivers

Emotional Need States Analyzer TM

Narrative Questionneering TM

Step 6: Establish Value Proposition, Benefits and Viability

Value Proposition Generator TM

Ad-cept/Concept Viability Tests

Step 7: Create Reasons To Believe and Messaging

Verbal Billboard TM Worksheet

Success Story Template TM

Step 8: Revisit Target Audience, Sales Process and Marketing Plans

Resource Needs Assessment TM

Revisit & Revise Plans


These tools and techniques have been successfully applied in these key strategic sales and marketing areas:

Branding Positioning
Competitive Set Analysis Concept Viability
Market Expansion Venture Capital & Funding
Sales Process & Support Customer Satisfaction
New Product Development Advertising Campaigns
Packaging Target Audience Definition