Pacific Crest Marketing has been working directly with CEO’s, senior sales and marketing executives, research directors and product managers for over 24 years.

That being said, it is often difficult to determine just how experienced or how good a service provider is until you actually use them. In making your decision to engage Pacific Crest Marketing, we thought you might like to hear from some who already have.

If you’d like to speak to them directly and ask them specific questions about your immediate needs, we’d be more than happy to provide you with their contact information.

“My company has had a strategic alliance with Pacific Crest Marketing since 1991. Central to this relationship has been a program of Customer Advisory Boards, Focus Groups, and Employee Roundtables . We have trusted PCM to plan and conduct these meetings with our most valued customers in San Francisco, New York, London, Paris, Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore and in many other markets. These sessions represent an indispensable contribution to a track record of phenomenal growth.”

David I. Beatson
Circle International

“When you need answers and a road map for your product, Gary is your go to guy. Gary and his team have proven year after year, product after product, that insight isn't an accident - it's at the end of a process, guided by professionals with the best tools and intellect. Hire him. Today. If not, your competitors will.”

Dan Cohen
Full Court Press

“Gary White was an indispensable player in our new product development; not only as a marketing strategist and research tactician, but as a first class presenter. With only two days notice, he edited videotape from twelve focus groups and put together a comprehensive report. The following morning he hopped on a plane to join us in Norway for a series of presentations: first to our board of directors, then to our investors and finally to an investment banking firm. The product received funding and rolled out to market. We could not have launched without Gary on the team.”

Gunvall Slatlem
Managing Director
Nordic Beverage

“Our most recent collaboration was a brainstorming session for branding and name generation. It never fails to amaze me how easily PCM creates a relaxed atmosphere where people feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings, both positive and negative. The environment is so non-threatening, and even fun at times, that active participation is practically guaranteed. PCM has come through for us, time and time again.”

Peter Florian
Chief Marketing Officer
Thomson Financial

“With only about a week to go before our Builder’s Forum, Pacific Crest came to the rescue. They coached us on how to do it right. Pacific Crest walked us through the process every step of the way, providing us with a great Discussion Guide that flowed beautifully, and paper and pencil exercises that really worked. They gave me an insightful and easy to use piece called – ‘Do’s, Don’ts & What If’s.’

“More important, they gave me the confidence required to operate effectively in this high pressure situation where you have to get it right the first time. Bottom line: we had a great day. The customers thought it was very productive, senior management and the sales force went away happy, and I gained new skills that I use daily.”

Patricia King
General Manager, Customer Insights
Armstrong World Industries

“We rely on PCM because of the amount of invaluable information Gary elicits. He combines superb facilitation skills with remarkable insights.”

Dale Anderson
EVP/Director of Marketing
Cannon Wines Ltd.

“We utilized Gary White and PCM recently to help us assess the positioning, naming, value, and benefits of bringing a new home loan company to market for GMAC Mortgage. We needed to determine the viability of such a business venture, and PCM helped us determine that California homeowners were more than willing to entertain a new direct-to-you lender. Thanks Gary for helping us launch CalDirect Home Loans.”

Tom Henry
Partner, Chief Marketing Officer
Think Twice, Inc.