Video AdvantageSM

Edited video can be used very effectively in presentations to internal clients, employees, investors and alliance partners, yet most companies do not take advantage of this tremendous presentation tool.

Here are just a few highlights of valuable sessions that have given our clients a competitive advantage:

Novartis, Switzerland/Pharmaceuticals:

Marketing Excellence Program run by HR Dept.; they ordered 250 CD’s and 250 Videos of a Q&A with their renowned CEO, Dr. Daniel Vasella; the program was such a hit that they have now completed subsequent videos with senior marketing executives.

Vulcan Materials, California/Construction:

Customer Satisfaction Forums presented to CEO and his staff; he asked when we would be doing more; never would have happened without the use of video.

Nordic Beverage, Norway/Wine & Spirits:

New Product Introduction Study, involving vodka consumers and bartenders, shown to Board of Directors, Investors, and Bankers to prove viability of product; YES they got the money and the product – an Ultra Premium Vodka called Christiania – launched from Coast to Coast across the US.

US Bank, Minnesota/Financial Services:

Actual footage of bank customers discussing the pros and cons of new service offering; the videos were so effective that this client is now dedicated to circulating videos and transcripts on a recurring basis.

Green & Green, Oregon/Food and Beverage:

Video of findings from Innovative Packaging Study was successfully used to raise funds and land partners in presentations with Del Monte, Dole, and Sunkist.

YAHOO!, California/Technology:

EVP of Marketing and his staff were absolutely absorbed by the verbatim comments made in our Launch Study as they related to the content and speed of their proposed new service.

Other Pacific Crest Marketing clients who have used video with great success include Wells Fargo, Glidden Paints, Hewlett Packard, Wellman, PeopleSoft, and Monterra Winery. Our clients are more than happy to talk with you about what our video editing services can do for your company, your career and your bottom line.

We’d also be happy to work with you on existing content that is just lying around. Think about leveraging those dollars you have already spent!